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It's great, though I think you should do a faster frame rate, it looks a bit choppy at such a slow pace. Other then that, great job!

Terrible Animating

But I like the concept, maybe you could let me help with stuff like this!

LadyJava responds:

thank you.


Jolly well done. This is exactly how I imagine the movie to be.. the book was quite terrible. Now, for those of you who are bashing it because it makes fun of Twilight, please watch it. You won't be disappointed.

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Nice Spam

First of all, start out by learning ActionScript. I suggest 3.0 because it's much more open and relatable, so long as you're a Visual-Linear learner you won't have any problems.

Second, practice drawing. Start with stick figures, work your way up to however far you want to go before sharing it with the world.

Third, and last, find someone with a good ear for music, and have them learn how to make their own songs.

Combine that all together and you've got a REAL flash, and not just a joke, thanks for reading.

It's a nice game

Though it's pretty obvious that everything is set up so you're only following a path, and not acually choosing a path or getting to go back to places - such as the shop - between fights. If you want to keep it as a follow-the-path game, that's fine by me- it's you're game. My only suggestion is to spend some more time on your art.


The idea's been done, so I beg of thee.. spell things right. If it hadn't of been done before grammar wouldn't be a problem, but if you're trying to improve on a previous idea, then grammar is always a good idea x.x

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You need to do a bit of work on your melody making. It was far too repetitive. Maybe, just maybe, if that "Bass" was an actual Bass part, with something louder and bigger throwing in a melody, I'd like it, but .. meh.

I like it

Yeah, you guys aren't perfect (I'll give you a 10 /then/ :p) but I like it!

Go find a Bari Sax player :p

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Well, no one is! :)

If you know any bari sax players in NE Ohio, let us know. We all agree that a sax would round out our sound quite nicely!

Wow, that was ..

It reminded me a lot of some music off of Ape Escape, it was good, though obviously not a huge amount of time spent.

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